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op. 7   Ganymed

for oboe (oboe d'amore) solo 


dedicated to Josef Blank 

composed: 1996 / rev.: 2004

premiered: 02 Aprli 2006 Matinée im großen Foyer

des Theaters am Gärtnerplatz - München,

Josef Blank - Oboe

duration: 10 min.

op. 7 a  Ganymed

for flute (or alto flute) solo 

published by ACCOLADE-Musikverlag

The work is based on the Greek legend of the beautiful young man Ganymede and his kidnapping by the god Zeus.

1 - Ganymed, the Greek youth, perfect in beauty and grace

2 - Zeus, fascinated by his beauty, tries to seduce Ganymed, but his youthful high spirits drives him on...

3 - Ganymed lies dreaming in a meadow ...

4 - Zeus sends an eagle to take the sleeping youth up to the gods

5 - Ganymed becomes a cupbearer of the gods and for that he receives from zeus eternal youth as a gift.


The work was performed in connection with the opening of the exhibition on the occasion of the restoration of the painting "The Robbery of Ganymed" by Rembrandt van Rijn in the Dresden State Art Collection on November 16, 2006. The soloist was Josef Blank.

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