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op. 46   "Aequinoctium" - Meditation zum Sonnenaufgang

für Oboe und Orgel

composed: 2023

duration: 5 min.

"Aequinoctium" for oboe (or soprano saxophone) and organ opus 46 was composed in 2023 and is to be understood as a counterpart to "Solstitium" for cor anglais (or alto saxophone) and organ opus 22 from 2008.
The basic mood should be very meditative, but with a lively middle section, which gives both compositions a similarity in character and form.

The work is conceived for a two-manual organ.

The premiere of "Aequinoctium" was on 26 July 2023 in the parish church "Heilig Geist" in Bad Füssing (Bavaria). Ruth Spitzenberger played the organ and the composer himself played the oboe.

The composer would like to take this opportunity to thank Ruth Spitzenberger for her helpful practical suggestions for the performance and notation of the organ part.  


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